Unsolved Arizona: Killing on Bumble Bee Roads. The murders from bumble-bee Avenue in 2003 will still be unsolved.

Unsolved Arizona: Killing on Bumble Bee Roads. The murders from bumble-bee Avenue in 2003 will still be unsolved.

Briana Whitney

The murders of 19-year-old Lisa Gurrieri’s and 20-year-old Brandon Rumbaugh remain unresolved.

(Supply: 3TV/CBS 5)

Uncle Mike visited matter on the list of guys exactly who realized the two after the murders, the guy he or she thinks could have got good reason to kill.

(Resource: 3TV/CBS 5)

A new couples from Scottsdale are located go to demise fifteen years earlier near bumble-bee Lane from I-17. The theft continues to be unresolved.

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PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) – these people were just 19 and twenty years previous.

In 2003, a new Scottsdale number celebrated their particular initial wedding hiking near sundown place. The venue would be simply two kilometers from the Interstate 17 on Bumble Bee roads. However their resides had been sliced quick, and fantastic continues to be on the free.

Nowadays, the very first time, we’re observing the very previous images taken of the two when they were animated that night, and detectives tell Arizona’s parents the thing they feel went wrong within the research.


Nineteen-year-old Lisa Gurrieri’s lifetime is photograph finest. She sang in church, labored at Salt River task, and was at prefer with a 20-year-old Arizona county school college student Brandon Rumbaugh. The happy couple lived-in Scottsdale.

“She always experienced a smile on the face,” explained Mike Gurrieri. “As a matter of known fact, she sang at my diamond.” Mike is definitely Lisa’s uncle but aided boost her after her pop expired of cancer tumors. “i usually thought about Lisa as my,” mentioned Mike.

“they requested one to look at over Lisa?” need reporter Briana Whitney.

“Yeah,” Mike mentioned silently.


In July of 2003, Lisa and Brandon wanted to camp to commemorate twelve months of matchmaking.

In March of 2003, Lisa and Brandon wanted to go camping to observe twelve months of internet dating.

(Provider: 3TV/CBS 5)

Their organize were go about Bumble Bee path week day utilizing the light truck and turn back Saturday am.

Lisa realized Uncle Mike would be distressed about this lady safety, so she asked their mother to not make sure he understands. Lisa never ever came property.

“So, you probably didn’t discover she went up here?” questioned Whitney.

“No. It’s broken myself from the time,” stated Mike.

As night looked to day, Lisa and Brandon arranged on stargazing after that going to sleep. But instead, both were hit several times and expired at the back of your truck.

There were most evidence collected on field, contains trash and other equipment discover around a common campsite, but one-piece of research fascinated detectives greater than all the rest.

A clover throwaway cam is within the pick-up, as well as the very first time that ever before, we’re seeing the final photographs that have been used about it.


“The digicam appeared as if it absolutely was disposed of from your pick-up. It was located by some stones,” stated Yavapai state Sheriff’s Lt. Frank Barbaro.

“Do you believe the one who murdered these people attempted to fling your camera off to wreck explanation?” questioned Whitney.

“perfectly, which is an effective chances,” Barbaro stated.

The lieutenant is at the criminal activity stage in 2003 as well as however functioning the scenario. Even damaged, he claimed investigators could actually produce numerous photos on that throw away cam. The two located a solo image of each within the pick-up.

Detectives receive a solamente image of each from inside the pick-up from a disposable digicam.

(Origin: 3TV/CBS 5)

They were the final photos regarding move. Prior to that, discover fuzzy pics of a compact fluorescent light (CFL) in a few variety of construction.

Investigators however don’t know just where those are used, or when the number got before they left for that night.

But Lisa and Brandon got another digital camera along with them. Videos video camera. “We never ever based that things. We all located the camera case, but most of us never found the video camera,” believed Barbaro. “We see everything over it, perhaps even the serial multitude.”

“So you might think the individual that killed them took that camcorder with their company?” questioned Whitney.

“Absolutely,” the lieutenant stated.