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We have assisted many American and non-American residents with their US Notary prerequisites.

Every US State has its own guidelines with regards to how archives ought to be notarised. These guidelines normally set out what should be done if a report for use in a particular State is to be marked and Notarised outside of the State and outside of the United States.

Sometimes, extra advances may should be taken. A couple of States have specific particulars, (for example, the requirement for an Apostille). An Apostille is an official authentication from the US Government which affirms that a Notary is appropriately authorized to rehearse in England and Wales and are given by the US Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

We are Premium Services Customers of the US Foreign and Commonwealth Office Legalization Office, so we can get Apostilles on an equivalent day premise.

Confounded or in a surge? Try not to stress, we can direct you on a State by State premise.